A Friend

Mar 3, 2006 by

I have a friend, he is so… *wait up!! ‘he’ or ‘she’?? Ooh sh#t!!! up till now, I’m not sure whether ‘he’ or ‘she’. Let’s just say, ‘she’, Ok?.* Anyway, she is the…*wait…wait!!! what if ‘he’?? I need to call someone…just to make sure…*.

W T F! let’s just say ‘he’. This kind of a friend of mine, thought he is the weird person I have ever know, but he has a brilliant talent. See, it’s been 3-4 times he changes his template for the last 3 weeks.

four thumbs up!!!
(lengen kiwo-tengen, sikil kiwo-tengen)

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  1. eq

    Pak-e, kenalin dunks ke temennya itu, kayaknya enak deh bisa dipanggil mas ato mbak, gtuh ??


  2. sopo seh bes? kenalin dunks, sapa tahu mau ma aku…

  3. hehehehe kayaknya neh !!
    lagi mo nyebutin nama gw neh !!

    om kriwul…napa seh ngak bisa nulis di sotmi ?

  4. aku punya teman..
    teman sepermai… ah sudahlah.. πŸ™‚

    iya man, bagus banget blognya πŸ™‚
    salut deh ahh πŸ™‚

    salam kenal bos. tak masukin ke link yo πŸ™‚

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