Inconsistence Writing

Feb 21, 2006 by

For the last 3 days, I’ve been writing a content for my office-website. It was so easy to write about on the 1st day. Words by words, sentences by sentences has just came out of my head easily , flow like a river. Each words describes others making a good and easy-to-understand paragraph. and I tried to stay with the style.

2nd days, it was so hard to stay in the line. From the first time I opened the document up till lunch time, I was stuck with one topic, couldn’t find any proper words or sentences to combine with. Then I leave the work out of my computer…

The 3rd days, seems new spirit coming up. Writing was so easy again, finally. Words were like flood. Combining the words into sentences, making a good paragraphs. Until I found something weird….

It just like…
The first 3 subjects wrote by ‘cultural observer’
The last wrote by ‘computer engineer’
No marketing involves at all.

It should be :

  • marketable
  • easy to read
  • easy to understand


Sometimes it happens to me when I write somethings…

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  1. makane pak biyar konsisten kalo bognya basa indonesa ya basa indonesa terus, kalo inggris ya inggris terus… ojok dicampuraduk

    sirik… :p
  2. hahaha.. aren’t we all?!.. :p

    hahaha…indeed, we all do… 😉

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